NMSU Dance Program

Anika Jones

About the Program

Our goals are to inspire and train the next generation of movement educators and performers. The dance program at NMSU offers a Bachelor of Art degree in dance and a Master of Art in Teaching Dance degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Dance
The B.A. in Dance provides three concentration areas in which to pursue a dance degree. Undergraduate students can choose to focus their studies in Contemporary Dance, DanceSport, or Spanish Dance. All students are required to take core dance courses as well as courses from their concentration area. This provides a variety of cross training that will benefit all dancers to be well rounded professional dancers and teachers. The B.A. provides students with an appropriate background for the pursuit of advanced degrees in teaching, performance, choreography, and other related fields.


Image of dancer

Image of dancer

Master of Arts in Teaching Dance
The Master of Arts in Teaching (MATD) with an emphasis in Dance focuses on the integration of the advanced study of dance education with that of the best current pedagogical and methodological practices. Students may focus on PreK-12 to adult learning contexts, both in educational and public or private sector settings.

Undergraduate Dance Minor
The dance program also offers a minor in dance that consists of a total of 18 credit hours. Dance minors can choose from a variety of dance technique classes, as well as, dance education and dance production classes.

Graduate Dance Minor
Graduate students can elect to purse a graduate dance minor. The graduate minor consists of 9 credit hours to be selected from dance technique, pedagogy, choreography, performance, and production.